Welcome to Kai's room....
Side view of Kai's bed...Captain's style with 3 storage drawers underneath and matching bookcase headboard...Dhurrie surfboard rug...and one of our three cats Kashmir too!
View from the doorway...The original carpetting was the "lovely" blue shag until we install carpet these nice, neutral colored carpet tiles.
View of Kai's desk area...Still need to install the valance to the blinds.  The surfboard is a magnetic whiteboard.  Not visible because of the blinds, sand dollars on the front window sill edge and the second of our cats, Kali laying claim to his desk.
View of Kai's closet area...Nemo characters Bloat, Peach and Gill "swimming" on the closet mirror doors.  Seashells on the top frame.
View from the foot of the bed....That's a table runner hanging on the wall.  Raffia fringe hangs around the top edge of the room.  The fish sculpture is a decorative light.
View of Kai's desk and book shelf...If you look closely he actually has his own computer.  One of his first requests once we got the desk unit reassembled into his room after getting done painting.  The lid is closed but he has one of my old laptop computers and a kid sized Crayola (the green/yellow object) mouse.  The valance for the blinds is sitting on top of the book shelf.  Cloth contact paper is decorating the sliding doors on the desk unit.  Seashells and sand dollars on top of the top edge of the shelf.
View of Kai's ceiling fan...The clown fish is for the light and the seahorse is for the fan.  Leftover cloth contact paper used to decorate half of the blades.
Kai's Finding Nemo Room
Update for 8/10/07 - Kai with his two favorite stuffed clown fish he always sleeps with for naps and bedtime, happily in his new bed for his first night in his big boy room.