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January 10, 2006 - This site was first created as a means of I guess blogging (before blogging became such a popular thing that it is today) about my pregnancy with Kai, and consequently to provide updates to friends and family about what was going on in the life of this crazy little boy.

It's been now almost three years since I officially made any updates to this website.  This also was originally hosted as a subpage under our main website Tahitian Dreams.  However, as the time quickly began to approach Kai's third birthday, and I knew I would soon have time again to keep up on my updates, I decided that it was time to expand our domain and give Kai his very own website just for updates about him.

All of the pages originally associated with Kai's section of our website has either been deleted, migrated to this one or archived.  If you remember something that you can no longer find her send me an e-mail and I'll try to resurrect it.

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This page was last updated: November 29, 2007

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Every now and then Kai creates a "list".  They're typically just random thoughts but they usually involve something in his life that currently interests him in relation to the people in his life.  So here are a few of the lists he's made so far:

Sea Creatures:  One day he decided to assign all of his sea creature toys with a person's name.  This was his first list.
Christmas:  All things related to the Christmas season.
Bugs: This list was never completed.  It begin one morning before he was going to go to his Umma & Umpha's house for the day.  So we never got a chance to go through a list of everyone's names.
Numbers:  He recently acquired an inflatable hand doing the #1 symbol.  So he's learned to say, "I'm number 1...I'm number 1".  Then he decided to come up with numbers for everyone else.  By the time we got to number 23 I had to start prodding him for names he was forgetting.  So there were definitely some random thoughts running through his head.
Kai's blog has been temporarily put under construction but should be back up soon.
Big Boy Room

This is is a special year for Kai.  He finally got moved into his "Big Boy" room.  There was a lot of planning involved in making his room just "right".  Last year I had asked Kai what kind of room he wanted to have, and befitting our little naturalist, he wanted an "ocean" room.  Painting seemed to take the longest...the textured walls and the lightness of the paint made it hard to tell where I missed a spot and most of the work needed to be done at night when it was easiest to not have interruptions from the little one running in and out of the room.  But on August 10, 2007, Kai spent his very first night in his new room.  One slight modification was made to his bed a week afterwards.  A few days afterwards I was startled late one night while quietly working on my notebook in the family room, by the loud booming thud of the poor little guy falling out of bed.  He didn't cry out but obviously was shaken by the experience.  So needless to say we soon afterwards bought a bed rail to prevent that from happening again.

Check out the pictures of his new room!
Memorable Moments

This past April 2007, we had the opportunity to experience a very special behind the scenes tour of the animals of Sea World's Wild Artic exhibit.  One of Mike's student's from his Spring Semester, Jane, pulled a favor and allowed us to have a private tour with one of the trainers.  As part of our tour we got to see a beluga whale, a polar bear, a couple of Arctic foxes, and a trio of walruses.

Click on the whale to check out some of the pictures and one of the videos from our vist.

For those who might be interested to know what genetic background helped to create our little guy Kai, click here to view a visual representation of his cultural background.

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